Deep South CubFest

February 15th and 16th, 2019

1620 State Farm Rd., Sneads, FL 32460

Come join us, Roy & Mary Edenfield, as we host Florida's 10th Annual CubFest (select the link for a description of a CubFest).  With the help of Billy Ray Richter, Raymond Durban, Tim Ezell, and Jim Yarbrough, this should prove to be a fun and productive event.  

Planned Activities

Naturally, Mr. E's shop will be open, beginning at Noon on Thursday,  for those wishing to work on their Cubs.  You can bet there will be somebody available to lend a hand with those two-man chores.

There will be approximately 15 acres available for the cubs to plow or disc.

Both nights - anyone interested can sit around the fire and tell lies and talk cubs.

                 Your Hosts

(Raymond, Tim, Roy, Jim, and Billy Ray)

 Alcohol Consumption


This Cubfest, just as all Cubfests, is a family oriented event.

  Mary and I respectfully ask that no alcohol be consumed in or around the shop area.

We also respectfully request NO PETS at the Fest.